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As a Design Director with over 12 years of experience, I specialize in developing and nurturing brands across various stages of growth. Renowned for my strategic vision, diligent focus on craft, and collaborative leadership style, I've led numerous high-impact projects, fostering cross-functional collaboration to achieve both business and team goals.

Throughout my career, I've cultivated a diverse skill set by exploring multiple design disciplines across various mediums. My primary focus has always been on crafting a consistent and cohesive brand experience, driving towards a meaningful and impactful end-to-end brand narrative. This experience has also equipped me with the ability to seamlessly blend design excellence with operational efficiency. Through the introduction of innovative tools and processes, I empower teams to scale brands effectively across diverse channels, ensuring optimal brand representation.

As a passionate advocate for the transformative power of design, I'm dedicated to fostering positive change both within organizations and in the broader community. As a leader, I'm committed to nurturing the next generation of design leaders, and I thoroughly enjoy engaging in mentorship to inspire and empower emerging talent in the field.

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