Stu Ohler
Stu Ohler
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Strava Live


Strava Live allows you to use your phone as a running or cycling computer. When used with a Quad Lock, your phone can be used to give you real time info such as distance, time, speed and pairing any external device such as heart rate monitor.


Mobile Design Lead
KyLE Yugawa

Android Designer
Steve Yoon

iOS Designer


Tapping the record button on your feed opens the pre-record screen. Here you will be able to see how strong of a GPS signal you have, upload a custom route, change sport type, and sync any external devices you may have; such as a heart rate monitor.


The recording screen is designed to be legible when using on your handlebars while cycling or in your hand while running. Using large, bold numerals allows only the need to glance down to see all your real-time stats. The interface is also fluid to accommodate up to three synced external devices.  Wondering where you're at? A map view is only a tap away.


The map view can be toggled on and off for quick and easy access to see where you're at. If you have a custom route loaded, you'll be able to see how far along you are and when that next turn is. 


Pausing your activity, wether manually or by Strava's auto-pause feature, brings up the activity summary screen. Here you'll get a view of where you're at, and all your average metrics. All done? Just tap the finish button to upload your activity and see how many PRs you got.