Stu Ohler
Stu Ohler
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Strava Matched Runs


The Matched Runs feature lets runners see how they performed against their past performances on their most common running routes. It uses an algorithm to automatically identify when you have completed runs on a route that has been run before, and will plot all the efforts together in a single chart to show you a performance trend over time.

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Kyle Yugawa

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Steve YooN

iOS Designer

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Accessing Your Matched Runs

After uploading a run that matches an existing route, you can access your Matched Runs through the Activity Detail Page. There you will see how many runs were matched to this same route, your average pace for your most current run, and a graph showing how your trending compared to you previous attempts.


Comparing Your Efforts

The graph plots individual data points for runs and a trend line showing how pace has changed over time. Scrolling vertically will highlight entries on the graph above. Circles will be filled in when the corresponding cells in the run list below are visible. The yellow dot represents the fastest effort on this route while the orange dot represents the run from which you arrived on the History page.